Experience the calming and cooling effects of cryotherapy at CRYO-X in Grapevine, Texas.

Cool Down and Find Relief at CRYO

by: Rebecca Asher
July 18, 2019 | Grapevine, Texas

CRYO-X recently moved to a new location located at 200 W. Northwest Highway (suite 201) and Main Street next to Redefined Coffee and is now the largest cryotherapy center in the United States. Cryotherapy essentially is using extreme cold temperatures to reduce inflammation and other health benefits. The cryosauna was developed in Japan in 1978 and used for decades in Europe to treat various ailments. Cryotherapy is very popular amongst athletes for treating soreness. But, this is not a typical ice bath.

While the temperatures reached into the 100s in North Texas, I was frozen. I mean literally frozen at about -203 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes. Not only did I live to write about it, I loved it!

Alicia Mullins explains the benefits of Cryotherapy.

What To Know

Picture yourself walking into a standing tanning bed. The only thing you are wearing are socks and gloves to protect the lower extremities. Your head peeks above this cryo-chamber and once you ring the bell, a knowledgeable CRYO-X staff member leads you through the process as nitrogen gas lowers the skin’s surface temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds and where you remain for three minutes.

What is happening to my body during those 3 minutes?

The skin reacts to the cold sending signals to the brain to act as a stimulant to basically protect the major organs. If you’ve ever tried to dunk your arm in ice water to see how long you can stand it, this isn’t the same. There is no freezing involved, but only the feeling of being cold. The process allows cold air to flow over the body’s surface. The air is dry and is surprisingly not uncomfortable. Alicia Mullins, owner of CRYO-X states, “During each session, the body releases endorphins and will burn energy up to 500-800 calories. The effects may last up to 6-8 hours after the session.”

The session lasts only three minutes and thankfully there is a staff member who speaks with you the entire time, one to ensure you are doing okay and two to take your mind off the time. It’s interesting to note that just one use of the cryosauna triggers the body’s natural response to healing itself and will cause the body to work for 3-4 days afterwards. The use of the cryosauna speeds up the body’s healing process by about 50 percent, which is another reason it is so popular among professional athletes, celebrities, and the elderly. 

Wednesdays are a great day to check it out CRYO-X as they offer $10 sessions, but if you can’t make it on Wednesday, your first visit is still only $20 dollars. The staff at CRYO-X recommend at least 10 sessions in the first 30 days for best results, and customizable plans are available. The staff is happy to assist customers to figure out the right cryotherapy plan for each person. 

So, if you find yourself sore after a busy weekend of DIY projects or feel like you need a pick-me-up, come and chill out at CRYO-X. There are many other options to health and wellness besides cryotherapy offered at CRYO-X.

Other Services

If what you need is peace and quiet, be sure to check out their Sanctuary Theater where you can reserve a half hour or longer to sail away on a soothing, majestic journey to the world’s natural paradises. Enjoy a compression leg massage and other therapeutic treatment while their ultra high-definition nature videos which are designed for relaxation and holistic stress relief whisk you away. While you are relaxing, essential oils are diffused into the room. Come in, relax, and take a mental escape.

Other wellness features include:

Again, CRYO-X has been operating since 2011, longer than any other center around. Now, with their move to 200 W. Northwest Highway (suite 201) and Main Street, it makes them the largest in the U.S. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will go out of the way to take you on a tour of their facilities to answer any questions you may have. Take three minutes out of your day “Let It Go,” get frozen, and continue to feel the benefits days later. Your body will thank you.