Cool Down and Find Relief at CRYO-X

CRYO-X has been operating since 2011, longer than any other center around. Now, with their move to 200 W. Northwest Highway (suite 201) and Main Street, it makes them the largest cryotherapy center in the United States.

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Hug a Pug Today!

DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc., (DFWPRC) is one of the largest pug rescue organization in the U.S. Founded in 1997, DFWPRC has rescued and placed thousands of pugs into new forever homes. DFWPRC aims to rescue all purebred pugs regardless of medical condition or age and their mission statement is “No Pug Left Behind.” They aim to find and rescue pugs of all ages and physical and medical conditions and find them forever homes.

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3 Activities to Do in Grapevine

Home > Local News >When you think of Grapevine, Texas you probably think of, well, grapevines. When you get there you won’t be disappointed. Take a trip back in time by visiting the Grapevine Pioneers. Missing the big city? Go down to the Grapevine Mills Mall to...

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Life is Doughlicious!

Okay, admit it. We’ve all eaten raw cookie dough while we’re baking cookies. Even though our mommas told us not to because we could get salmonella poisoning. Something that tastes so good could never hurt us, right?

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Main Street Fest

Home > Local News >Howdy Grapevine friends! You may or may not know about a little something we like to call Main Street Fest. It’s only our 35th annual one, but hey, maybe you just moved here. Main Street Fest is a three-day long family-friendly festival. We...

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Life in the Suburbs

Home > Real Estate >Grapevine is a great place to live. Our residents tend to own their homes rather than rent. Whatever your preference, we have plenty of great homes for you to settle down in. We have great luxury apartments with plenty of amenities, including...

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Grapevine-Colleyville ISD is the Best

Home > Education >The city of Grapevine is a part of the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District. They have 11 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 3 high schools, 2 alternative schools, and 1 online school. With its many schools, the...

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It’s The Pilates Life for Me

Hey Grapevinians! How’s your New Year’s Resolution of working out more often going? Not well? Yeah us either. Lucky for all of us, a brand new pilates studio just opened up in Grapevine!

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